The “other” Ryan

Have you ever plugged your own name into a search engine to see who else turns up? Every now and then I’m contacted by other people also named Ryan Paul. It’s a strange but amusing experience being contacted by “yourself.” Usually, their messages go something like this:

Dear Ryan,
Hey! My name is Ryan Paul too!
Cheers, Ryan

Actual correspondence from these people appears below. Generally these folks have been quite pleasant—with one unfortunate exception. “His” emails are the ones highlighted in gray boxes.

So if your name is Ryan Paul, take this opportunity to say hello to yourself. If you can, please be nice—try not to be like “Him.”

Note: the following message is not from Ryan Paul, but is about him.

Date: Fri, 17 Jun 2010 08:22: -0500 [06/17/2010 08:22 AM EDT]
From: Kevin Von Poderstein
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: Intuit Translator

I met a Ryan Paul that translated Inuit text to me during my religious studies in the arctic. He was a man of steely moral fiber and had a penchant for Celine Dion and pornography.

Date: Wed, 27 Oct 2010 13:43 -0500 [10/27/2010 12:43 PM EDT]
From: Paul Ryan
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: Hello Ryan

In a bizarre twist my name is Paul Ryan.

From: Ryan Paul
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: my name is ryan paul too!


no way another ryan paul!!

Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2010 09:35:56 -0500 [03/21/2010 10:35:56 AM EDT]
From: Ryan Paul
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: Another one!


Hi Ryan,


I just found your page with a list of others who share our name. Good fun. It's inspired me to do the same on my site. I wonder how many of us share a common middle name?

It's also odd that you went to RISD for graphic design - I went to Johnson and Wales University in Providence for graphic design. I've spoken to another Ryan Paul, also a designer, born a day after me.

Small world. Thanks for the opportunity to connect.

Ryan Martin Paul

Date: Sun, 28 Sep 2008 16:24:47 -0400 [09/28/2008 04:24:47 PM EDT]
From: Ryan Paul
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: [No subject]


Hi Ryan Paul!


I'm also Ryan Paul.

-Ryan Paul

Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2007 14:18:26 -0400 [06/20/2007 02:18:26 PM EDT]
From: Ryan Paul
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: Hello there!




It's not everyday you read/hear/meet someone who has my name.

And long behold, guess what a search on google can prove?

That you share my name. Isn't that grand?

I'm a Nuclear Cardiac Technologist for a group of physicians in Atlanta and through the looks of your website, you're a web designer.

This may seem odd and yes, it is. But hell, it doesn't hurt to drop a line to a complete stranger even if we do share the same name.


Ryan J. Paul

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 13:20:39 +0900 [02/21/2007 11:20:39 PM EDT]
From: Ryan W. Paul
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: ryan - seriously

i contacted you a few years back asking you to put a little personal info on your site or your middle name (assuming its not William) or even a photo or something. perhaps i was a little terse at that time and i am sorry. people keep emailing me and asking what's up with the site? when i say "no", they dont believe me.

the telus project link is especially problematic as i used to work there. can you do me a huge favor and just put something (anything) that people could use to distinguish me from you?

don't people email you asking "hey? are you ryan paul from telus? or are you ryan paul from such and such?

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 13:20:39 +0900 [02/21/2007 11:20:39 PM EDT]
From: Ryan W. Paul
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: ryan - seriously

Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2007 13:28:35 +0900 [02/21/2007 11:28:35 PM EDT]
From: Ryan W. Paul
Subject: 3rd person

Also, why are you writing in the 3rd person?

"If you'd like to know how Ryan can create solutions that align with your needs, please drop him a line. He'd enjoy an opportunity to discuss your next design initiative."


"Ryan Paul is a multidisciplined designer offering thirteen years of hands-on design experience, with expertise in identity design, print and corporate communications. His solutions have helped clients achieve their goals by shaping brand experience in all forms of communication."

Are you trying to make people think that an admirer made this page about you?

If you could just fix that, it wouldn't be so bad ...... a logo change might also be in order. It could even be beneficial to your business.

I don't mean to be mean or rude to you, but this sux for me. I don't know how many people have thought I am responsible for this site.

Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2007 11:43:30 -0600 [01/08/2007 12:43:30 PM EDT]
From: Ryan C. Paul
To: Ryan Paul
Subject: hI


I’m ryan paul too!


Ryan Clemans Paul
Account Executive
Cell: xxx-xxx-xxxx

Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2017 01:01 PM
iMessage with +1 (807) XXX-XXXX (sent by text message to my mobile phone)

Hey Ryan. This is Ryan Paul too. I don’t suppose you’re likely to be releasing your domain name any time soon?

 Ryan Paul headshot

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