RiverSource Investments

RiverSource Investments (formerly known as American Express Funds) is a firm that creates and manages financial products to help investors secure their financial futures. After a successful spin-off from American Express, RiverSource needed to rebrand and integrate its new identity consistently across all brand experiences and touchpoints.

All communications were reimagined, including capability brochures, product and investor guides, fact sheets, performance summaries, prospectuses and reports. Also developed was a robust image library featuring two key subjects: the clients RiverSource serves, and the dreams that they help make possible.

Deliverables: Print communications, image library.

Project role: Associate Creative Director. Developed at DeSola Group.

RiverSource Investments flagship brochure
Investor Guides: RiverSource Growth Fund and RiverSource Strategic Allocation Fund
Investor Guides: RiverSource Diversified Equity Income Fund and RiverSource Global Equity Fund
Detail, Investor Guide: RiverSource High Yield Bond Fund
RiverSource Investments Quarterly Performance Summary
RiverSource Investments Capital Markets Outlook and Capital Markets Perspective