Pentair: Inspiring Solutions for a Changing World


Pentair is an industrial firm offering solutions for water filtration and processing, thermal management, equipment protection, and cooling. After an announced merger between Pentair and Tyco Flow Control, the organization needed to develop a cohesive visual identity system to communicate the breadth and scale of the company.

Pentair also had to communicate details of the merger to a global workforce of more than 30,000, and to the larger investment community. Communications included newsletters, employee engagement materials, trade advertisements, posters, and investor exhibits.

The companies’ respective product offerings were assessed and integrated into a more cohesive portfolio. The combined portfolio was organized around “Solution Platforms,” which grouped products into related categories when communicating with customer audiences.

Deliverables: Visual identity system, employee engagement, exhibit design, print, brand guidelines.

Project role: Lead designer, design/project manager, implementation. Developed at Prophet.

Pentair billboard: A Dynamic Combination, A World of Opportunity
Pentair framed outdoor poster: Inspired Solutions for A Changing World
Magazine ad announcing merger of Tyco Flow Control and Pentair: Two Great Companies, One Bright Future
Ad announcing merger of Tyco Flow Control and Pentair, and industry trade advertising
Pentair product catalog and publication covers
Pentair Brand Guidelines
Pentair employee engagement Vision and Values posters: “Stronger Together” and ”Win Right: Pentair‘s Ideals in Action”
Pentair MergerMe employee newsletter, Win Right vision and values card, and Pentair by the Numbers infographic
MyPentair web portal and HTML email newsletter for Pentair employees

Pentair Investor and Analyst Day exhibit

Following the merger, Pentair held its annual Investor and Analyst Day, a special event for Wall Street media, key influencers, and stakeholders. The event provided a forum for Pentair to discuss its financial, operational, and strategic plans for the year ahead. 

Multi-colored panels provided an overview of Pentair's industry solutions and the sectors that they serve. The exhibit incorporated informative case studies and video presentations championing the advantages of Pentair solutions.

Schematic elevation of Pentair Investor and Analyst Day trade exhibit
Photo of Pentair Investor and Analyst Day trade exhibit
Photo of Pentair Investor and Analyst Day registration desk
Close-up of chocolate bars with custom wrappers, imprinted with Pentair's logo and NYSE ticker symbol, PNR
Retractable pop-up banner featuring the Pentair logo