Identities, various clients


Identity for Amyris, a biotechnology company that produces sustainable ingredients for the healthcare, fragrance, and cosmetics industries.


Extended Stay America
Identity for value-oriented hotel chain with 700+ locations across the United States and Canada. The identity reinforced a new brand positioning, “Everything you need...and a little bit more.” See more of Extended Stay America.

 Extended Stay America logo


The Water Trust
Proposed identity for The Water Trust, a non-profit organization working to improve water, sanitation and hygiene in Uganda and Eastern Africa, with the mission of combating disease and poverty in the developing world. The identity comprises a series of water droplets, arranged to form an abstract “W” monogram.

 The Water Trust proposed logo

Binks Forest Golf Club
Identity for Binks Forest Golf Club, located in Wellington, FL. Formerly hailed as one of the nation’s top PGA golf courses, new management sought to revitalize the brand and restore its prestigious image.

 Binks Forest Golf Club logo

Identity for a small information technology consulting firm providing cloud-based data services. Translated from Latin, Venaratus means “honored” or “revered.”

 Veneratus logo

Hsiao Restaurant Group
Personal monogram for the Hsiao Restaurant Group. A playful red dragon, leaping into the air and forming the letter H, expressed the vibrancy and joy of their proud Chinese heritage. See more of Hsiao Restaurant Group.

 Hsiao Family logo

Pfizer Feedback Central
Identity for Feedback Central, an electronic tool enabling pharmaceutical company Pfizer to conduct surveys and collect feedback from its US Sales Field Force. The identity features a speech bubble, connoting that the Field Force’s collective voices will be heard.

 Pfizer Feedback Central logo

Pfizer Customer Information Solutions
Identity for Pfizer Customer Information Solutions, an internal group providing Pfizer’s US Sales Field Force with electronic equipment and support. Representing foresight and vision, the eye symbol has a reflection that forms a lowercase letter “i” for “information.”

 Pfizer Customer Information Solutions logo

Identity representing the merger of PECO Energy and ComEd, which formed one of the largest electric utilities in the US. The wordmark featured a power symbol in place of the letter “o,” signaling that the company is ready and always “on.”

 Exelon logo

SFCT (South Florida Container Terminal)
Identity for a joint venture between Terminal Link and APM Terminals, operators of the Port of Miami, the 5th-largest shipping container facility on the US east coast. The identity combines four bold angles to form the shape of a shipping container, a critical structure that safeguards its precious cargo.

 SFCT (South Florida Container Terminal) logo

Identity for Sonic, the iconic restaurant known as “America‘s drive-in.” A new “atomically-charged” logo evoked positive associations of the classic American drive-in, and reinforced their new “retro-future” positioning.

 Sonic logo

Tech Reliance
Identity for Tech Reliance, a firm specializing in remote networking and systems management tools for small businesses. The energetic symbol represents the passage of data across a spectrum of bandwidth, reinforcing their position of a leading-edge technology provider.

 Tech Reliance logo

The Conference Board
Identity for a business research organization providing companies with market analyses, assessments, forecasts, and leadership seminars. The company adopted a modern torch symbol with classic typography.

 The Conference Board logo

Identity for Telus, one of Canada’s leading telecommunications companies. A dynamic “T” symbol conveys the company's energetic, responsive and progressive spirit.

 Telus logo

Identity for a commercial real estate brokerage firm focused solely on commercial transactions in Brooklyn, NY. Inspired by a map of Brooklyn, the symbol represents a parcel of land. A bold horizon line suggests limitless possibilities, with a curved pathway to represent the company’s entrepreneurial spirit and forward thinking.

 Terra CRG logo

New name and identity for Sherritt, Canada's largest producer of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizer. The logotype featured a sunburst, symbolizing life, and how Viridian products enable crop growth. After introducing the identity, Viridian was acquired by Agrium, North America‘s largest producer of nitrogen fertilizers.

 Viridian logo

Weltchek Law
Identity for an independent law firm specializing in commercial and residential real estate litigation.

 Weltchek Law logo