Hsiao Restaurant Group

Michael Hsiao was a New York City restauranteur and owner of Hsiao Restaurant Group. His business ventures included the traditional Chinese restaurant Lotus Eaters, and the beloved Hawaii Kai, “The World's Greatest Polynesian Restaurant,” featuring exotic cuisine and nightly entertainment. A new brand identity was needed to help the parent company become more distinctive and stand out in New York City’s competitive marketplace. 

A new monogram was developed in the form of playful red dragon. Leaping into the air and forming the letter H, the dragon expressed the joy and vibrancy of Mr. Hsiao’s proud Chinese heritage.

Deliverables: Logo, stationery, promotional items.

Project role: Lead designer. Independent consulting engagement.


 Hsiao logo on flatware
 Binks Forest Golf Club logo
 Binks Forest Golf Club golf ball
 Binks Forest Golf Club putting green flag
 Binks Forest Golf Club embroidered logo