GE Healthcare IT presentation

GE Healthcare IT Capabilities Presentation

GE Healthcare IT delivers technologies that help healthcare systems operate more effectively and efficiently. From digitization of medical records to connecting interdependent departments and specialty areas, their solutions enable a more holistic, coordinated approach to patient care, resulting in better quality at a lower cost. 

GE Healthcare needed to demonstrate the breadth of their capabilities to their primary customers — hospitals and healthcare systems — and help them see the benefits of their solutions.

We developed a presentation outlining challenges faced by the healthcare community, and how GE Healthcare technology enables providers to navigate the complexities of patient care. Straightforward language, simple typography, and bold graphics helped engage and inform audiences.

Deliverables: Presentation design, information design, iconography.

Project role: Design lead, creative direction. Developed at Prophet.


GE Healthcare IT: Connecting from departments through communities

GE Healthcare IT: icons

GE Healthcare IT: US customer base statistics

GE Healthcare IT: North American installed base locations

GE Healthcare IT: Connecting multiple affiliated care settings

GE Healthcare IT icons

GE Healthcare IT: Interdependent departments and specialties

GE Healthcare IT: Industry undergoing major changes

GE Healthcare IT: Challenges for healthcare providers

GE Healthcare IT: Opportunity to eliminate waste

GE Healthcare IT: Solution focus areas