GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare Americas provides imaging, information and diagnostic technologies to the heathcare industry, running the gamut from independent clinics to vast hospital networks. GE Healthcare‘s future growth relied upon understanding—and responding to—customers’ most pressing needs. To engage leadership and introduce their new value proposition, a two-day Growth Summit was developed around “Plan to Win,” their five-year strategic growth plan.

The 5,000 square foot exhibit featured bold information graphics to highlight customer needs, and identified future growth opportunities. The event also featured a series of video and multimedia presentations.

Deliverables: Exhibit design, information design.

Project role: Design, implementation, vendor management. Developed at Prophet.

Ge Healthcare Americas Growth Summit: 5,000 square foot exhibit to inspire and engage the company’s key leadership
GE Healthcare Americas Growth Summit infographics featuring customer segments and business areas with growth potential
GE Healthcare Americas infographics, with customer segments ranked from smallest to largest on a scale of 1–5
GE Healthcare Americas Growth Summit registration desk
Ge Healthcare Americas Growth Summit: Elevation drawings of the 5,000 square foot exhibit
The Growth Summit focused on “Plan to Win,” GE Healthcare’s five-year strategic growth plan
Example of infographics representing Customer Segment 5
Detail of infographics representing Customer Segment 5
“Word cloud” infographic depicting GE Healthcare Americas’ most notable competitors, and the business areas in which they compete
Large wall graphic explaining the pressures faced by customers, the hospitals and healthcare networks that purchase GE Healthcare’s products and services
Graphic wall depicting typical conversation that occurs between GE Healthcare Account Executives and customer CXOs (Chief Experience Officers)