Exelon electrical meter


Deregulation of the energy industry created a sudden competitive environment, forcing the entire industry to redefine their respective businesses. The merger between PECO Energy and ComEd, forming one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, called for a new name and identity to reflect the dynamic nature of the new organization.

The new name, Exelon, sought to convey a responsive organization offering outstanding customer service, an image not traditionally associated with utility companies.

Exelon wanted a new identity to visualize the new organization’s values, promise of excellence and accessibility. A bold wordmark conveyed strength, accessibility, and commitment to customers. The ”o” in “Exelon” was recast as a stylized international power symbol, signaling that the company is ready and always ‘on.’

Deliverables: Brand positioning, strategy, logo.

Project role: Design Director. Developed at Luxon Carrà.

Exelon logo
Exelon utility truck
Exelon wind turbine