Emart Everyday Needs segment, detail


Emart is South Korea’s largest discount retail chain, with total sales volume exceeding $9.4 billion (US) in 2009. Emart offers an extensive range of products including fresh foods, office supplies and home goods. To keep up with increased retail competition, Emart needed to gain insight into the shopping habits of its core customers. In-depth market research was conducted to get to know customers better.

The findings were translated into customer segments organized around eight types of customer shopping trips.

Trip types were visualized with icons depicting product categories, demographics and spending habits. This graphic approach engaged Emart leadership, and helped enhance understanding of key data without prior knowledge of the English language.

Deliverables: Information design, customer segmentation.

Project role: Designer, Creative Director. Developed at Prophet.

Emart trip types: Everyday Needs, Quick Mission, Special Spend, Family Outing, Social Shop, Purposeful Purchase, Retail Therapy, Get What’s New
Emart Everyday Needs segment
Emart Purposeful Purchase segment
Emart Special Spend segment