Binks Forest Golf Club golf ball

Binks Forest Golf Club

Located in Wellington, FL, Binks Forest Golf and Country Club was hailed as one of the nation’s top PGA golf courses. Following a foreclosure, the club remained dormant for more than five years. The idle property underwent a major rehabilitation after an acquisition by Aquila Property Company. Management sought to revitalize the brand, signal new leadership and restore its prestigious image.

Binks Forest positioned itself as a world-class club with modern amenities rivaling the country’s finest courses. Recognizing a need to attract a diverse audience, the term ‘Country Club’ was removed from the brand name. Shortened to Binks Forest Golf Club, the brand became more accessible and inclusive to all.

The club launched an updated identity, leveraging the theme of their previous mark to maintain brand recognition. Featuring a dynamic fox symbol in black and green, the new identity integrates organic brushstrokes suggesting lush foliage unique to the Wellington region.

Recognized by a panel of notable design critics, the identity was featured in the book Really Good Logos, Explained, by Rockport Publishers.

Deliverables: Logo, premium items.

Project role: Designer and Creative Director. Independent consulting engagement.

Binks Forest Golf Club logo
Binks Forest Golf Club putting green flag
Binks Forest Golf Club embroidered logo
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Binks Forest Golf Club, 18th hole