American Express Member Essentials

American Express has a broad portfolio of card products, each offering a range of Card Member benefits, including membership reward points, exclusive events, and member perks. Amex wanted to generate awareness and drive Card Members to take advantage of available benefits.

The project team created Amex Member Essentials, a monthly HTML newsletter highlighting travel experiences, special events, dining recommendations, and exclusive offers. Each newsletter consisted of content “modules” targeted to individual card members based on benefit enrollment, spending history, and geography. 

Role: Visual design, image research, production of assets. Developed at The Sandbox Agency.

Time machines: Rolex Submariner Date, Cartier Tank and Heuer Monaco


Each newsletter consisted of the following modular components, which were targeted to individual Card Members based on on benefit enrollment, spending history, and geography:


Newsletter for American Express Proprietary Lending product portfolio:


Newsletter for American Express Charge product portfolio:


Newsletter for American Express Platinum product portfolio:


Newsletter for American Express Centurion product portfolio: