Abbott Laboratories is a $117B pharmaceutical, nutrition, and healthcare products company. After Abbott spun off its most profitable division to form AbbVie, the company needed to signal that it, too, was headed towards a prosperous future. Abbott’s new mission was to transform itself into a known global brand.

A bold visual identity system was developed to help Abbott apply consistent visual principles across all communications, including digital, print, advertising, and events.The flexible new approach enabled divisions and regions to impart cultural preferences, while working towards the common goal of building an iconic health brand.

Deliverables: Visual identity system, digital design, employee engagement, event branding, print, brand guidelines.

Project role: Lead designer, design/project manager, implementation. Developed at Prophet.

 Abbott bus shelter advertising
 Abbott digital applications: social media, and mobile and desktop web sites
 Abbott Brand Resource Center
 Abbott mobile app icons
 Abbott Brand Guidelines, available for download on the Abbott Brand Resource Center
 Abbott brand identity guidelines
 Abbott icons
 Abbott awareness campaign
 Abbott business cards
 Abbott stationery
 Abbott awareness campaign
 Abbott awareness campaign
 Abbott awareness campaign
 New York Stock Exchange
 Abbott awareness campaign

Abbott World Marathon Majors sponsorship

To demonstrate commitment to lives lived fully, Abbott became title sponsor of the World Marathon Majors, the organizing body uniting the world’s most prestigious marathons in New York City, Boston, Chicago, London, Berlin, and Tokyo. 

The Abbott World Marathon Majors identity and Abbott corporate brand were featured at Marathon and Expo events in each host city, and included out-of-home displays, high-visibility advertising, and multimedia experiences.

 London Marathon
 Abbott World Marathon Majors ID badge, Tokyo Marathon
 London Marathon
 New York City Marathon Expo
 New York City Marathon expo
 New York City Marathon Expo