Abbott Nutrition brochure, detail

Abbott marketing communications

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Abbott required ongoing development of marketing materials to communicate with its broad range of audiences: patients, healthcare providers, physicians, government entities, and the greater investment community.

As part of Abbott’s brand identity refresh, communications took on a more cohesive look and feel with consistent application of the Abbott logo, color palette, typography, and imagery. The design team also developed an extensive image library to aid Abbott when developing its own materials in-house.

Today, Abbott’s marketing communications are simpler, bolder, and more approachable than ever. Materials embrace a more human and caring approach, and provide audiences with a greater sense of accessibility.

Deliverables: Print communications, iconography, illustration, information design, imagery research, image library.

Project role: Lead designer, creative director, design/project manager. Developed at Prophet.

Abbott Nutrition brochures
Abbott corporate fact sheet
Abbott fact sheet, detail
Abbott poster designs
Abbott poster, detail
Abbott Diagnostics brochures
Abbott Diagnostics brochure, detail
Abbott Diabetes Care brochure spread
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Abbott Vascular, spread
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Abbott Women’s Health brochure, spread